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Work in Progress 6 – ZBrush to 3DS Max

April 29, 2013

Both models are rigged, animated and set up ready to render. Below are two videos showing my lighting, rendering and texturing progression in 3DS Max:

Hair & fur modifier in 3DS Max creating eyebrows:


I used to curve editor to improve the motion of the eyes:


When I have the final mesh in the scene, I always go round and check for errors:


As my models were comprised of overlapping geometry I deleted unnecessary polys:


I mistakenly created a mirrored UV for something which needed asymmetry; the shoulder pads needed to have number on. I tried to reverse one of the shoulders in the UV editor, but it was easier in the end to clone the polys, raise slightly and add the numbers with a simple opacity map:


Below is a final wireframe screenshot. I also used an opacity map on the bitmap of a badge on his hat. It will only be seen from far away so I am hoping it will be sufficient:


I used a three point lighting set up. All area lights, low fill:


Having the eyes as separate objects and linking them to the head of my biped proved difficult as they were inside it! I used look at constraints to keep the eyes looking at a simple box I created out of shot. Even though my animations are mostly turntables with limited character motion, it would be nice to at least avoid dead glassy eyes:


Below is a video of my rig creation:


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