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Work in Progress 5 – Fine Details

April 21, 2013

So I have spent the last few weeks going in and refining the high quality details of my models. The models are set up in 3DS Max,


Probably went a bit overboard on the detail here given how much air-time the hands will be getting in the final product. Still, a nice portfolio still, of which I have few.


Using spotlight to inform geometry – here I put on a blue strip created in Photoshop. After that I created raised seams around it on the model:


Texturing the chequered strip of the hat required me to select just the polygons I wanted to have the pattern:


Upgraded eyes using high quality photo reference:


I found a source for royalty free high quality celebrity photos. It was surprisingly difficult to find high quality photos of some of the most photographed people in the world. See if you can guess the face of the famous actor used to create this texture:





Below is the completed face texture, all maps will need tweaking in Photoshop.


I have made similar progress with Dafoe – refining geometry details, texturing etc. I have condensed my WIPs into a video here:

More final adjustments made in the three photos below, the chin has been widened from the first photo. The eyes will be textured in photoshop; I can easily change the eyes I have already created. The broken geometry of the lower eyelids will be fixed in 3DS Max, which I find easier as the polygons of the low poly model can be placed exactly where I need.




After getting nowhere with fibermesh in ZBrush or hair&fur in 3DS Max and due to time constraints, I have had to add detail to the placeholder hair. If I have time I will try to get some better hair on this character because it seems a shame to let the composition down with poor hair:




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