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Work in Progress 3 – Retopology

March 25, 2013

Below is a video of screenshots of the retopology process within ZBrush. It is the first time I have used the ZBrush retopology tools, normally I would decimate the mesh and export to 3DS Max. I found it to be relatively user friendly; I had no preference over 3DS Max. But as it saves the decimation stage, I will use it as my default method from now on.

I like to retopologise and UV my models as soon as the geometry reaches a certain level of detail. This means I know better how much time I have left for getting stuck into detailed modeling and texturing. This also means I can get the model into 3DS Max and start testing as soon as possible:


Here is an example of how these procedures can be time consuming. Using a pelt mapping tool helps to place the uv coordinates of the face. However, it is not always perfect and the uvs of the ears of this character had to placed manually:


I intend to make the clothing from the retopologised mesh in 3DS Max. This, I think, is a preferable way of working than to extract mesh in ZBrush. After importing mesh from 3DS Max with correct topology, I can easily apply a slight global inflate to give the same effect as extracting. I wouldn’t do this if there were going to be major geometry changes, but as I know the clothes will fit reasonably close to the body underneath, I will proceed with this technique.

I have elected to abandon the chameleon. I don’t feel there will be time to complete all three models to a sufficient quality.


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